The Different Types of Tea...


True Teas derived solely from the the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis:

Green: Made solely from the leaves of the tea plant, green tea has undergone minimal oxidation.

White: Tea made from the buds and/or young leaves of the tea plant, slightly oxidised (10% - 20%).

Yellow: Similar to white tea, the exception being that the leaves are allowed to sit and yellow in an extended drying process.

Oolong: Tea that has been partially oxidised (10% - 70%). Also known as Blue-Green Tea.

Black: Tea that has been fully oxidised. Able to be stored for longer periods than green tea. Also known as Red Tea.

Post-Fermented Tea: Tea that has undergone a post-fermentation process to mellow its taste and improve its mouthfeel. Can be successfully kept for decades. Also known as Black Tea in some Chinese-influenced cultures.